Dixieland Nationals Myrtle beach Updated

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Gregory Rowe 1st place Fighting
Lucas Allen 1st place Fighting
Kinsley Allen 1st place Fighting
Bryant Newsome 1st place Fighting
Trent Spence 1st place Fighting
Hunter Allen 2 nd place Fighting

Great Day in Savannah for CAFC

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Chad Allen, Lucas Allen, Hunter Allen, Marty Knight face off with the other Black Belts in Savannah. Great day for all of our family Fight Club and Knight Strike!

Thanks to all who competed
Chad Allen 1st place Fighting
Hunter Allen 1st place fighting
Lucas Allen 1st place fighting
Kinsley Allen 1st place fighting

Back to School Special !!!

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CAFC Summer of 2013 So Far

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CAFC has had a great start to the summer competition trail! We have had teams compete in the following tournaments
1. U.S. Open (Orlando FL)
2. Battle of Atlanta (Atlanta GA)
3. South Carolina Classic (Columbia SC)
4. Chucktown Throwdown (Charleston SC)
5. State Games (Anderson SC)
6. palmetto Classic (Aiken SC)

We have had great results in our summer tournaments this year. We have been involved in some of the largest Martial Arts events in the world! We have also won at them! CAFC should be proud that we not only set the standard in our area but can compete with the best talent in the world! We look forward to a strong finish on the summer circuit. We will be in Savannah GA, and myrtle Beach in the next couple of weeks. I encourage all members to get involved in these competitions and invite all perspective members to come see why our sport is the best sport in the world.

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Killer Kinsley Allen Battle of Atlanta

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Battle of Atlanta 2014

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Kinsley Allen hanging out with Team All Star national Champion Chelsey Nash. Nash is one if the top women fighters in the world but always has time to talk with Kinsley. One day we expect Kinsley to return the favor when she has the the chance to mentor another girl.


The Number one fighter in the world Mr Raymond Daniels took time to hang out with CAFC tonight. We had the privilege of watching Raymond fight tonight. We look forward to more action tomorrow. We also wish a full recovery to Mr Trevor Nash who sustained a knee injury in the Extreme warrior Challenge tonight.

We will post more updates as the action unfolds tomorrow. CAFC has Hunter Allen, Lucas Allen, Kinsley Allen, Bryant Newsome, and Gregory Rowe fighting.

CAFC Steamrolls the Competition At Carolina Classic

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Classic results

CAFC has once again surpassed all expectations in competition! Jimmy Sherman hosted the final tournament for the Dixie conference in the National black belt league in Columbia SC. Hunter Allen started the day off with the King of the Ring competition. Hunter fought the number one ranked fighter in the NBL world rankings (Byron Shepard). Hunter fought an amazing fight that consisted of fighting back from a six point deficit. Hunter went on to fight other highly ranked opponents and secure his win in the King of the Ring. This was his first money prize!! Hunter also claimed victory in the 17 and under Black Belt sparring division giving him the Dixie conference championship.
Lucas Allen also had a day to remember! He won the 12-13 Advanced Belt sparring division. Lucas had Four fights against skilled and sometimes much larger opponents. Lucas also fought up in the 12-14 Black Belt sparring. He won three very exciting matches and claimed the Dixie conference tile for CAFC!
Kinsley Allen burst back on the scene with impressive wins in three fights. She won first place in the 8-9 intermediate Girls sparring. We all were impressed with her showing!
Gregory Rowe strapped up for his first NBL tournament! We are so proud of Gregory and his fourth place finish. It takes a lot of confidence to jump into a large tournament and compete as well as he did. We look forward to seeing him grow and climb the ranks with the rest of our competition team! Gregory competed in the five and under sparring for all ranks.
We have The Battle of Atlanta, and Wattfords tournaments in the nest few weeks. We need to continue this motion and take it to the next level. We are poised to dominate the competition if we can keep training and focused!



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