Competition Team News!!

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fighting tribe uniforms

Chad Allen’s Fight Club will announce our competition tam members on Thursday, April 3rd.
We are in contact with Sapp Fighting Tribe to create our competition team uniforms. We have special equipment discounts and new Sapp equipment on the way! We will have a competition team meeting on Tuesday, April 8th at 6:20. All must competition team members must attend. We will be going over important information!

Belt Test Time!

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Its time to focus on our belt advancements once again. I never cease to be amazed by the hard work and talent we have here at CAFC. I have watched all of you grow so much as Martial Artist and as people. I wish you all the best of luck on the Belt Test starting tonight!


CAFC shows up and shows out in Prosperity S.C. !!!!!

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I would like to thank all of our members that competed in Prosperity at Dewey Earwood’s tournament. I watched as we won every division we competed in without exception. CAFC did not loose a single match in the competition unless we were competing against ourselves or a fun fight! I was impressed at the fashion our members won. Always respectful and with class. All your work has made you all champions and now its time to work even harder. We have all of our national competitions coming up soon and need to focus more than ever! See you all in class!

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Chad Allen’s Fight Club!!!!!

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Mustang Classic recap

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We want to thank all of the CAFC family for making The Mustang Classic a success. We had 110 cpmpetitors!


Full Wrap up of Super Grands 2014

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CAFC had a great time in Charleston competing in the World Super Grands 2014. I’m very proud of all who competed and their families who supported them. Here is a full wrap up of all the competitions involving our members and our family. Hunter Allen Placed fifth in the world Point fighting NBL. Lucas Allen Placed Seventh in continuous fighting NBL. Danielle Keeler Placed third in point fighting SKIL. Danielle Keeler had two great fights in SKIL competition. Malik Webb placed second in Point fighting NBL. Savannah Adams placed eighth in point fighting SKIL. Carson Adams won second in point fighting NBL. Carson also took her first World Championship in continuous fighting!!!!!


We learned a lot this Super Grands. We look forward to bringing many world championships to CAFC in 2014!!


New SCKC website

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Checkout the new site


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