Gut Check Time!

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CAFC has been training championship level Martial Artist at our school since 2010. The reason for our success is pure determination and dedication of our members. I have noticed a increase of members missing classes this past month. This is not the character of a Fight Club member. You hurt yourself every time you miss a class. You also hurt everyone else by effecting the effectiveness of their training. I have always been able to count on our members to be dedicated and show up for class. I know that this will not be a problem in the future. We sometimes need to take a look at ourselves and recommit to our goals. I look forward to seeing you all at our Saturday work out on Nov 1st at 1PM.

Chad Allen

CAFC Blake Spence and Trent Spence dominate Spooktacular in Ohio

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Trent and Blake both won first place in point fighting in Ohio this past week end! Trent also won continuous fighting as well. Great job as always

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SCKC Champions slide show

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SCKC Finale to be held in Williamston!

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SCKC Flyer

CAFC and Marty Knight Karate are proud to present the SCKC year end Finale!! We will have our competition immediately followed by presentation of 2014 State Championship awards. Come and celebrate a wonderful year of competition. We will make this event exciting with additional divisions of continuous fighting, team fighting, and King of the ring!

CAFC family invades Texas

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We all miss the Keeler family at CAFC but our team has now invaded the great state of Texas! Daniel, Danielle, and scooter are still on the CAFC team and competing in the AOK Texas state circuit and NBL. Danielle started her competition this weekend by wining the Ocean Nationals in Galveston. Danielle won the advanced division and will be coming back to CAFC to officially test for her red belt next month. It’s awesome to see our family spread across the nation. Once family, always family at CAFC!

Blake and Trent Spence represent CAFC as champions

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Awesome showing by both of our fighters! Check out the video of Trent on the main stage in Michigan!

Blake Spence featured on NAIKC tournament poster

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CAFC will be represented by Blake and Trent Spence at the NAIKC in Detroit Michigan this weekend! Stay tuned for results!



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