March Tournaments

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dewey tournament

CAFC will be competing in the third SCKC event of 2015. we look forward to seeing all of our state team at this event!


CAFC National Competition Team  will be in attendance for the AmeriKick in Philly!


Chad Allen and Marty Knight make great showing in LA

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Chad Allen and Marty Knight traveled to Ontario California ( 50 miles outside LA ) to compete in the Compete Nationals this week end. This is a 6A competition on the NASKA world circuit. Chad won 2nd place in his fighting division. Marty won 1st in his division. Chad Allen is currently ranked number one in the world in the NASKA ratings. Both fighters are poised to bring home world Championships this year! Next stop will be Philadelphia in March.





CAFC Competition Team Fundraiser

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CAFC Competition Team is currently raising funds for the upcoming national tournaments. We have California this month, and Philadelphia next month. The schedule keeps on going all across the nation thought the year.  This cost our members a lot of money. CAFC tries to help each member to find the funds to compete at every tournament possible. We currently have two different ways you can help.

1. Krispy Kreme BOGO Cards = These cards give you a buy one dozen and get one free on ten different purchases. The cost of the card is only Ten dollars!

2. Banner Sponsors=  We have two different banner options. The banners will be placed along the middle wall of the school. This will become known as our support wall.

a. Regular banner with company information, slogan, website, or address will be displayed on the wall for an entire year! You can also do a personal

banner to show your support to the team or individual. The cost is only $100

b. Large banner with  company information, slogan, website, or address will be displayed on the wall for an entire year! You can also do a personal

banner to show your support to the team or individual. The cost is only $200. This option also gives the sponsor a link from our website to their business.


We appreciate any support that we can receive and will keep all donors up to date with Team CAFC! You will receive monthly results and news from the team!

To purchase any of our fundraising items please call or email Mr Allen


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What makes you Great? What makes us Great?

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I have been thinking about the most important qualities that make a person Great. I first thought of integrity. We should all be the same person when we think others are watching or not. I thought of dedication and determination. We must all have a drive to get to our goals that is unstoppable. I thought of respect. We show honor to our fellow artists ,our Art, and the ones that came before us and laid the road that we travel.

All of these things are pieces that make us a great person and Martial Artist. I see people with one or two of these traits all the time. I asks myself what I see in all of the people I consider to be great.

I find that Loyalty seems to be the one thing that all the people had in common. I see these people were loyal to the Art. They recognize and appreciate the people that came before them and the things they did to provide us with such a rich heritage. They are people that you never have to question where they will be when a tough decision is made. They will always be with the team. They are people who will not waiver because of personal gain or benefits. They will be solid as a rock putting the team first.

CAFC was built on a family structure. We have made our way to a very respected platform in a short five years. We have done this because of a lot of different qualities. We train harder, we train smarter, and we have the best system. Those are ingredients for greatness, but it’s not enough. Our Loyalty to CAFC and to each other makes us different. We can never lose that or we will become the same as everyone else.

I look to the future as we approach our five year anniversary at CAFC. I think of the great talent we have seen come and go. I think of what made some of our members great and why some just slip away. The resounding answer is obvious.


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Next Stop California!!

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compete nationals

CAFC will be sending a team to the 2015 Compete Nationals in Ontario, California in Febuary. This is the second stop on the NASKA World Tour 2015! Please keep our team in your prayers and support them in class as they prepare for this competition. CAFC will also be sending a team to Dillon SC this month. Mr.Green has a very well run event with spectacular awards! CAFC will have a team at Andy Wattfords tournament on Feb, 14th. This is a SCKC rated event. More to come……

Awesome Start in Chicago for CAFC

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CAFC had a great time in Chicago for the 50th Warrior Cup presented by AKA! We appreciate all of our members that made the trip and all of our family that supported our national team. Here are the team results
Hunter Allen 3rd
Blake Spence 2nd
Kinsley Allen
Chad Allen 1st
Gregory Rowe 6th
Lucas Allen 1st
Kimber Bentley
Trent Spence 7th
Bryant Newsome 6th

Great start to 2015. Now is the time to train even harder for upcoming NASKA events. We will be fielding a team for LA in February and then Philly in March.











Here we go!! CAFC begins 2015 quest!!

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We ask for all our family and friends to be in prayer and support of our team heading to Chicago. Our quest has begun!


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