New focus on members at

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The website will be focused on our existing CAFC members from now on. Please stay tuned for additional resources and information as CAFC grows and expands. We will be directing prospects and inquiries to our new website

We are very excited as we see more and more improvements to our school in 2018. Keep your eyes open the next stage of online payment, equipment orders online, and online class instruction.

We will be updating and adding all the features to over the next few weeks.





First Fight Night of 2017

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Chad Allen Wins World Championship / Team CAFC Wins Multiple awards for 2015!!

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2015 was a year to remember for Chad Allen’s Fight Club. This was a long and hard year on the tournament trail. CAFC competed in the following World Tour NASKA Events.

  1. AKA Warrior Cup=Chicago IL
  2. Compete Nationals=Ontario CA
  3. AmeriKick Nationals=Philadelphia PA
  4. Ocean State Nationals=Warwick RI
  5. Gator Nationals=Tampa FL
  6. New England Open=Manchester NH
  7. Battle of Atlanta=Atlanta GA
  8. US Open=Orlando FL
  9. Dixieland Nationals=Myrtle Beach SC
  10. US Capital Classic=Washington DC
  11. Diamond Nationals=Bloomington MN
  12. Pan American Internationals=Miami FL

CAFC Group Pic

We would like to thank all of the members of CAFC that helped train our competition team. We understand that it is impossible for all of our family to make these trips, but you made it possible by being in class. We accept these awards on behalf of all Fight Club members.


  1. Chad Allen wins World Championship Heavy Weight Black Belt Fighting. This is a huge accomplishment and landmark in our head instructors career. We can all be proud and know that we train at a true World Championship school!
  2. Hunter Allen ends 2015 with a Top Ten award. Hunter was the second ranked fighter in the world for 16-17 Black Belt Boys. Hunter moved up to Men’s fighting in Welter weight in Chicago. He was a finalist and won his first two fights. Great start for 2016!
  3. Bryant Newsome brought home a Top Ten finish in 14-15 Black Belt Boys Fighting. Bryant started 2016 in the 16-17 division and made it to the finals also.
  4. Lucas Allen wins the 2015 National Championship for 14-15 Boys Advanced Fighting! Lucas moved up to 14-15 Black Belt Boys and made the finals also.
  5. Kinsley Allen wins 10-11 Girls Intermediate National Championship. Kinsley Moved up to 10-11 Black Belt division and took home second Place. Great start.
  6. Kimber Bentley wins 8-9 Intermediate Girls Fighting National Championship. Kimber moved up to 10-11 Advanced division and still won first Place!
  7. Gregory Rowe wins 5&under all ranks National Championship. Gregory moved up to 6-7 Intermediate and won his first fight in Chicago.                                                                                                  2015 was a huge test for our team. We started with a goal of having at least one Top Ten fighter. We finished with far more than we ever could have wished for. We have a very special group of people that can achieve anything they set their sights on. We come from a long line of Champions and that is where we are Blessed. Look to the past with Mr. Knight, and Mr. Vitali to see where we are going forward. We will achieve all and more than they have but only because of the foundation they have built for us. We now take another step and see the next wave of Black Belts begin their journey. We cant wait to see what 2016 will bring.  We are A Blessed and highly Favored people!

Long hard year of competition ends in Miami

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CAFC wrapped up a long hard year at the Pan Am Internationals in Miami FL on November 10th! I would like to personal thank this team for all the blood, sweat, and tears it took to complete this adventure. I would like to also thank the families that sacrificed for these competitors to achieve their dreams!


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Diamond Nationals Results

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CAFC Official Results from The Diamond Nationals in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Chad Allen 1st Place

Hunter Allen 1st Place

Kinsley Allen 1st Place

Kimber Bentley 1st Place

Bryant Newsome 2nd Place

Gregory Rowe 2nd Place

Blake Spence 3rd Place

Trent Spence 3rd Place


Dixieland Final Results

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Here are the remarkable results from Myrtle Beach at the Dixieland Nationals. CAFC had a remarkable day!

Chad Allen 1st place in Hevy Weight

Chad Allen overall grand Champion 

Hunter Allen 1st place fighting

Bryant Newsome 1st place point fighting

Bryant Newsome 1st place continuous fighting

Kinsley Allen 1st place fighting

Kimber Bentley 1st place fighting

Lucas Allen 1st place continuous fighting

Lucas Allen 3rd place point fighting

Trent Spence 1st place fighting

Blake Spence 1st place fighting

Gregory Rowe 1st place fighting

Dixieland Nationals Update from Friday Night.

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CAFC had a fun night of competition in Myrtle Beach at the Dixieland Nationals. Here are the results.

Chad Allen (team Executive) 2nd place team fighting.

Lucas Allen 1st place continuous fighting.

Bryant Newsome 1st place continuous fighting.
We will post Saturday results as they come in.